5th Annual Winters Kiss

It feels so good to be back! After 4 months of “quarantine” and long winter days, we came back strong!

Truthfully speaking, it was a bit nerve wracking leading into this event, which would be the first event of the year and completely indoors post pandemic. We definitely were debating on whether or not we were promoting or keeping our fingers crossed, hoping for the best. If I was being honest, I think we landed somewhere in the middle. Ya know, Its a strange world we live in currently, and I definitely struggle at times understanding what is really going on. Since we travel, we’ve seen such drastic differences in ways of living, rules and regulations. It makes me overwhelmed with thoughts and more confusion.

What I did begin to notice, is that I desperately needed to get back to living life as normal as possible. So my anxiety slowly changed to excitement, and I am so happy it did!

This was the first time DJ Greg traveled with us (Usually, he drives himself, meeting us at the venue) and I have to say, it was awesome. I appreciate being able to learn more about him and integrate him further into Mindbender Parties. Its important for us to be a close knit family type group because we spend a ton of time together through event weekends. It makes the adventure so much better. Not to mention he’s a funny mother fucker.

After 8 hours in the car we made sure to stop and smell the flowers before getting to work. One of my most favorite parts of our travels is when we find unique people or places. And we did both that day. The first stop was to this water station on the side of the road. It’s a place we pass all the time but have never stopped. It turns out, it’s the Fountain of Youth! Yes, you read that right. LOL Check out the photos. The second was to chit chat with a medical marijuana grower. He is the most facinating man I’ve met in a real long time. His brain is captivating and intriguing. His passion and knowledge bleeds from his soul and it’s so wonderful to listen to. We started discussing a podcast episode, so definitely stay tuned.

From there, we headed to one of my most favorite places in the world .. Party at Scouts to launch our 5th Annual Winters Kiss. The weekend consisted of two themed night events and one afternoon hot tub party. Let me tell you, I haven’t danced that much in ages. Well.. 4 months to be exact. I feel like I’m living footloose here in New York. It’s frustrating! Anyways, it felt good! We all were bumpin’ and grindin‘ the night away.

Overall, even with the hesitation and nervousness, the event was a huge success and I’m happy to say I've worked through my COVID anxieties. I am ready to bring my best A-Game 2021 Event season!

If you would like to hear our thoughts heading to Winters Kiss listen here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1KikHYm9zkuP821YujaSlr?si=e-tiuBgfTPqtwRmFGjWPqw

For a behind the scenes look:


Stay tuned for what comes next.

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