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Mindbender Parties Swingers Event 6th Annual Winters Kiss

Are you ready to go on a Mindbender Adventure with us? Well .. Let’s go!

How our weekend began …

We had the pleasure of traveling with Ms.Lady, owner of Ladies Wicked Playground who runs the dungeon at all Mindbender Parties events. Since she lives in Pennsylvania, she drove in Thursday night allowing us some extra time together. As we explore our relationship, this was the perfect opportunity to start allocating designated time through the year to be with each other. Overall, it was the beginning to a fantastic travel.

Let the Mindbender Adventure Begin!

I always get a good chuckle out of the on the way videos verses the way home videos. I put on my best Mizzy A-game, which generally means colorful and bright. The way home is comfy clothes and all natural Mizzy. Ridiculous opposites!

Planes trains and automobiles… ok ok, maybe just trucks and boats … boats and hoes? Lol …

The ferry is one of our favorite parts of the travel. Since the ferry is about an hour from home, having a small intermission before having to drive another hour, makes for a really great travel day.

It was this pretty ladies first time on the Ferry... on any ferry for that matter, so it seemed silly not to document it. And how could we not... look at that smile!

Sometimes you just need a little internal motivation. This is one I found while traveling and thought it was a really great share. As you can see, I'm in boss mode most of the time, well probably all the time. I passionately love what I do, and I am really proud of my accomplishments. Being able to share the journey with you has been one of the most enjoyable experiences to date, and its only getting started.

Did I mention that we absolutely love ferry food! I am sure you will see a photo in every blog. Its absolutely hysterical listening to others responses when we say we are reserving our hunger to eat on the ferry. As if we were going to the dumpster out back. It is the strangest thing, but let me tell you, you better turn those thoughts right around... DELICIOUS! I've also heard from Spencer that they serve the best Bloody Mary, but that's not my thang, so I couldn't officially comment.

To be able to share these moments together makes my heart so happy. Some may ask how we can add an additional partner into our relationship, but you must know, this is a development over time, so much conversation, understanding each others needs and wants. Discussing everyone's rules, boundaries and hierarchies We've gone through various ups and downs of trying to understand it ourselves. What we do know is that we genuinely enjoy each others company, so what ever that means for that particular visit is what it is. We do not put any pressure on ourselves in any kind of way. We allow our energies to flow the way they should. I want to mention, within our dynamic, we share different emotional ties to each other, but equally support the others thoughts. The only thing I can say is when the chemistry works, it just works. This is one dynamic we are really looking forward to building and wouldn't be able to replicate.

Jut take it all in. The scenery is absolutely beautiful! I'd be lying if we weren't really out there because we wanted to smoke, but hey... its a gorgeous ride, so optimize everything you can. Thankfully it was a smooth ride, I was really concerned when we woke up. We were in the middle of some weird wild windy rain storm. I was really happy to hear Spencer pushed our ferry departure a bit because he was waiting for his shirt to delivered that he specifically ordered for the event. However, it didn't arrive.. thanks UPS!

By the time we left for the ferry is was clear skies and easy sailing, except for about 7 minutes mid run we hit a pretty choppy spot. No fear... drinks in hand we can make it through anything.

The adventures of the Traveling Mizzy Cup... look at her go! In the far background you can see the submarine base. I really enjoy when we hit this part of the trip. There is always something super fascinating happening. The very first time i took this travel, we saw a submarine being escorted into the base by the coast guard or some other military division. Guns out and all. It was the first time I had ever seen anything like that. Talk about a memorable moment in time.

Time to get this swingers weekend started!

Its Friday Night and its time to hit the streets! But before we do, everyone usually gathers in our hotel room, heading out together. I always have some sort of silly video to show. Silly or not, those are the most pure, funniest moments. I feel bad, but no one is safe when they are in my territory. Surprise, you can be on candid camera! But I promise, Ill never post of photo of you without permission and definitely not a terrible one.

During Mindbender Parties swinger / alternative Lifestyle events, we always have a room block at the LaQuinta, Warwick. So if you are interested in joining us ever, use the code MINDBENDERS when booking. All those details are included within the event details on their site.

Federal Hill is one of my favorite places!

More so during the summer months, but Federal Hill is my most favorite place to visit when in town. When the weather is nice, its like a mini Little Italy. They have a grand singer and outdoor seating in the courtyard which is a cobble ground with a huge fountain in the center. Its absolutely sensational.

We have never eaten a bad meal either. Of course if you are a fan of pasta, this is your go to location!

This particular video was recorded for the simple fact of going virtual with dinner menus is just ridiculous. I understand why, but it really starts the flow to allow phones out at the dinner table. And sometimes, that's just annoying. But, COVID times, and so it needs to be documented.

Cheers! Cosmo's are my go to drink these days. Once you get past that first sip, your golden.

My girl, so pretty.

What kind of night would it be if we didn't try and get frisky! Go ahead... I dare you! It was the perfect way to transition to our next destination, The Foxy Lady, Strip club located in Providence.

The ambiance was great, music was awesome, drinks were delicious and the girls were really engaging. We will definitely go back in the future. Like any lifestyle club, photos aren't allowed, so I did my best to capture some parts of the club.

Tipsy bathroom selfie with the girls... I'm certain it is a mandatory part of the evening.

Although we stopped at Platforms on the way back to the hotel, this is the last photos of the night. Time to rest up for the big day.

Swingers / Alternative Lifestyle Event Day

Yup, you cant miss us!

I'm always the first person awake in our group, so I'm generally wondering around, looking for coffee, going to smoke, grabbing a piece of fruit, who knows what really. Whatever it is, I enjoy the private time before seeing anyone. Nothing personal. lol

And then this pretty lady wakes up and we start our morning together.

I absolutely enjoy being in her company. She provides a balance to me that is very soothing. Maybe its because she really understands a deeper level of Mizzy, or makes it super easy for me to spew my most intense thoughts. I don't do that with anyone. Some of our best times spent together are in the morning, in the car or on FaceTime, smoking, chatting, just shooting the shit about everything anything. Before we know it, 2 hours has gone by and we have to hustle getting ourselves together. But I always walk away feeling so refreshed, energized and free.

Time to get ready for our sexy swingers

Lets take a look at what the club looks like before we get started. I thought of it a little late, but it gives you a snap shot of what we are working with. Initially the room is full of tables and chairs that we shuffle around.

(Facebook Live footage from day of the event)

Upon arrival to the club, we usually take a minute, look at the space, smoke a bit all while getting our head space together to build the most incredible event. We have it down to a well oiled machine at this point, each having our separate duties and responsibilities, yet all checking in with each other for help.

This go around we unloaded things a bit differently because our staffing shifted, and it worked out amazingly well. Pulling the items for each designated area, without taking anything extra.

As you can see, the stage area becomes the central hub for all technical equipment and decorations.

Its all hands on deck, at all times. For Winter's Kiss, we brought in a new DJ and it was a great integration. He was super professional, personality fit well, and did a great job with set up. We are looking forward to having him back. To learn more

The dungeon is one of the most used spaces during the event, and rightfully so, its intriguing and sexy!

Ms. Lady is super passionate about what she does, sharing education and sexy vibes. Like Spencer, she has a very specific set up in mind, creating a warm and welcoming space.

Upon entering the dungeon, you'll immediately feel a sexy tingle take over. You have full access to the St. Andrews Cross, Swing, Sling, Spanking Bench, and possibly some others depending on the space available.

If the opportunity strikes, Ms. Lady loves to educate couples, teaching them how to explore their sexuality and desires with one another. If you are are really at the right place at the right time, she may provide you with a sexy demonstration. If the moment is really right... I may even jump in on the scene. But that is with very specific humans, that I have a personal connection with.

If you are really intrigued, spend time at Ms. Lady's Kinky BNB

We bring a ton of equipment from lighting to sound to stages to shadow boxes.. oh my! Each event bringing a different theme and vibe.

He is just too funny! Honestly, I love capturing the silly moments he offers. No shame in his game. Always smiling and laughing. He truly makes my life so much more enjoyable.

It slowly all comes together. Piece by piece...

We have such incredible sponsors for our all Mindbender Parties events. We utilize their swag in so many ways, but you will always receive product to try whether in a door prize giveaway or out for community use at the events.

We nailed it! Even though we had staffing shift,