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75 Day Wellness Challenge

Click here to join the group (challenge begins July 1, 2022)

Are you ready to improve your body confidence? Are you ready to own your sexiness? Are you ready to release all the negativity that swirls around in your thoughts? I sure am!

As we get ready to launch our 75 day journey together, I wanted to stop in and welcome you. I'm really excited to begin a healthier lifestyle while having the support of the community to provide encouragement on the tough days. This idea originated from one of my male community members expressing an unfair balance of body acceptance between curvy men and women. After researching, I've found that more than 70% of humans suffer from body confidence issues and thought.... we need to fix this.

For me personally, when I think healthy lifestyle, I think Mind, Body and Soul so it was important to me to add on two additional healthy habits to my daily routine: Journaling & Achieving full rings on my health watch.

If you feel there is an item or two you'd also like to add on, go for. But don't overload yourself. Too many changes can be overwhelming creating an unrealistic ending.

Healthy habits will help your mind, body and soul, ultimately improving body confidence and so much more. Having accountability makes it easier to stay on track.

I'm also prepping my tracking journal. I find this helps with keeping on track. I'll be posting sample photos soon, so stay tuned!

Let's get body confident, shall we?


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