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A Peak Into Exxxotica New Jersey 2022

The Adventures of Mizzy Bender

Swingers / Alternative Lifestyle Influencer

The Exxxotica Style ...

The look is everything is the eyes of Mizzy Bender. Trying to figure out my style and what I think fits best for the event we are attending is important to me. It dictates my personality. LOL - Yes, it does and I'm not afraid to admit it. Unfortunately, I made a disaster of my initial hair set up, getting makeup every where, so I had to make a wild leap to a new style which ended up being way more bold than I initially was going for. Although, I have to say, I do like the way it all came together. It just goes to show that I never know what Mizzy will be coming out for the day. Keeps things interesting, even for me.

The Adventure Began At Dolls Kill, NYC

On the way to New Jersey to visit Exxxotica 2022, we decided to stop in at Dolls Kill, NYC. For all your lifestyle babes, you may have ordered from them in the past. I always brows the site, but never pull the trigger on an actual purchase. Probably because I am way too frugal for my own liking. But, visiting the store in person was wayyyyyy different!

As you can see, it was no easy task getting there. NYC Traffic is absolutely ridiculous most of the time.

Trying to navigate anywhere in the city is so annoying. A trip that should only be 5 minutes turns into 5 hours. Between the wild drives, pedestrians, road work and who knows what else, it becomes a stressful journey. This was the first time since COVID that we actually visited NYC, and truthfully, I wouldn't make it a habit. Its too congested for me. Although, walking the streets in my sassy outfit was pretty fun!

But, as you can see we made it, and had a blast while in the store. The vibe and energy was amazing. Three floors of fun shopping. The jacket pictured below was a fun find that really completed my outfit for the day. Spencer really had a great time shopping for all sorts of fun items for me. He has more of an eye for things on the rack than I do. Maybe because I don't really enjoy shopping too much, and I know everything he picks out is always going to be spectacular.

Contrary to what I mentioned above, we have another travel coming up soon, that will warrant another stop in the store to stock up on some jeans. We found some amazing ones that fit so well (you will be able to see them in my Boo 5 blog that will be published as soon), so of course we have to go back and see if they have additional styles. I am sure you are thrilled. lol

Welcome to Exxxotica

It's our main objective to visit our business partners and collaborators. Afterall, Exxxotica for us is about finding unique businesses for boutique merchandise, podcast guests and if there is any way to collaborate with Mindbender Parties. This years show was full of Cam Girls, which is what the primary basis of Exxxotica is. I was wishing for some more vendors, but in our opinion there weren't many. The composition was a bit different than what I have seen in the past. Not that its a bad thing, just different than what we were looking for. We will still continue to go year after year, as it is something you can not miss.

The Champagne Room

Meet Jay, the man behind The Champagne Room. Weve had a long standing relationship with him, as Mizzy's Boutique is the only retail outlet in the United States that sells their merchandise. That was a super proud moment for us. They carry so many wild designs that are sure to turn heads. You'll always see me wearing some of their swag when we travel to show my love and support for our relationship.

As a matter of fact, we first met him at Exxxotica 4 years ago. At the time, I was in a wild place within the LIfestyle and the sweatshirt "Zero Fucks Given" was on display and just had to have it. Ever since then, I have kept that motto with me.

Next Up DV8 ... Supplier to Mizzy's Boutique Game Options

One of the most fun items sold in Mizzy's Boutique is this Beer Pong game. It is a great Ice Breaker for all occasions and always a fan favorite when seen at events.

Kim and Luke, owners of DV8 are also really kind humans. We have had the opportunity to vend at one of the previous events upstate, which happened to be a favorite of mine because it was a camping adventure. Being in the outdoors was a great memory. I've created a previous blog on that adventure, that you can go back and check out.

It's Tiny Texie

A brief description from the Official Tiny Texie website:

I’m Tiny Texie. I am a 30-year old little person taking the adult entertainer industry by storm. As a notable social media influencer, exotic dancer, adult pornstar, TV personality and event host, I currently hold the title for the world’s smallest Exotic Dancer, proportionate to my body. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, I have developed a passionate and massive online following thanks to my exuberant personality, hilarious sense of humor and unique physical features.

Most recently, I earned fame and notoriety as a reality T.V. star in WETV’s Extreme Love show and truly tv show “Love Dont Judge”. When I am not filming for reality TV or movies, I travel the world dancing and entertaining the masses at various nightclubs as an entertainer, dancer and personality. I have been featured on the cover of entertainer magazine in Florida, as well as the Chicago Tribune, E! Online and Inked Magazine, as well as other various U.S radio stations and podcasts. I’m also trying to be a great mother to my daughter and is in a relationship with budding reality TV star, Anastasia Graves.

She was such a sweet human. We first saw her last year while performing on stage at Exxxotica, which was a well done performance that drew a large crowd. It was great to have a small introduction this year. Definitely follow her on social media. She is super charismatic, always posting fun videos.

Mizzy's Boutique has been spotted!

My heart gleamed with happiness when I saw this amazing guy wearing my swag. In my eyes, that is a major accomplishment for Mizzy's Boutique and all the hard work I put into the brand. Seeing it out on the streets is something that will never get old, and will be forever heart warming in every way.

The Support System

This group right here are my biggest supporters and best of friends. Of course you know Holly & Jim, the sexy beasts they are. I am really happy they were able to venture with us to the show. Making memories with them one event and state at a time.

Lorenzo, my mentor, friend, supporter, encourager... there are so many words. You can learn more about his on our recent podcast:

Everyone Needs a Mentor and I have the Best!

The moments that make me smile

It's always a fun time interacting with Casey Carter. You may remember when Spencer and I were a guest on Casey at Night earlier this year. I was so honored to be a guest on her show that airs Live Wednesday nights on YouTube.

She is such an inspiration within the Alternative Lifestyle industry, that being in her company is a highlight. I am thrilled to announce that she will be an upcoming guest on Mornings with Mizzy, so stay tuned, you won't want to miss it.

And of course those glasses! They are totally my style and hand made by Casey herself. Each show she only has a select few available, so I was thrilled to be able to grab a pair.

One can never have too many gems, making us shine!

Owner of ASN Magazine - Michael Ramos

You have heard me talk about how much I appreciate Michael and his support through the industry. He truly is so genuine and all about business focus. He is a huge motivator to many through his social post and business interactions. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to formally meet him. It's one thing to speak on the phone or via messenger, but another to actually have an in person conversation. It allows one to really see and understand others as who they are. This was a definite highlight of mine from the show. I mean, look at those smiles!

Stay tuned as the ASN Lifestyle Award show airs Sunday, November 6th. Keep your fingers crossed that Mizzy's Boutique wins Best Retails Outlet!

The Mad Harlot - Ms. Penelope Proper, a Dangerously Delicious Confection. The Naughty Mary Poppins of Tea

I admire The Mad Harlot so very much. Her bold style and personality is so captivating. Not to mention, she hand makes all of her outfits. To me, the creativity screams AMAZING and I simply can not get enough of her social posts. To be able to grab a photo with her was another highlight of mine. I would encourage you to follow her Twitter and TikTok pages, as she's always posting some really outrageous things that will make you laugh a bunch! Maybe in the future you will find her as a guest on Mornings with Mizzy as well. Fingers crossed!

Thats All Folks....

I know, I know... Not too much sassy stuff going on here, but there is only so much one can record without feeling like you are violating privacy.

Upcoming Swingers Parties:

  • Pour Some Sugar on Me * November 6th * Pennsylvania* RSVP to Mizzy's Boutique will be vending our adult shop including swingers pineapple, erotic games, floggers and so much more.

  • H&H Social Club is partnering with Fusion Parties * December 16 & 17 * New Hampshire This will be a two day event featuring 5 DJ's, 2 Nights of club and hotel floor parties, a pool party, speed dating, and naughty yankee swap!! You don't want to miss this event!!! Giveaway And Vending by Mizzy’s Boutique RSVP:


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