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Erotic Short Story Read from Mating Season - Written by Lexi Sylver

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Erotic Short Story Read from Mating Season - Written by Lexi Sylver

Last year I was so excited to be one of the four invited guest speakers to celebrate the one year anniversary of Mating Season written by Lexi Sylver. During the anniversary event I had the pleasure and honor to read part of "Trick Shot" one her erotic stories which was so sexy and an amazing experience. Although completely out of my comfort zone reading out loud in front of others, I was able to absorb and feel the energy of the other guests as well. Since then, I've formed such amazing relationships that I absolutely cherish.

After the book anniversary I invited Lexi Sylver to be a guest on The Mizzy Bender Show, my audible podcast. Time and hectic schedules put a bit of a delay on the broadcast of the episode... BUT its time to release the beast!

Lexi is such a powerful woman within the Lifestyle, one that I respect and look up to greatly, so I wanted to do the series justice.

This special edition episode I read the erotic short story in full for you. (be easy, its the first time doing something like this, so of course there's always room for improvement) I will follow it up next week with the audio version of our recorded podcast between her and I where you really learn about her journey through life leading up with Mating Season and all the other wonderful programs she has to offer from an education standpoint.

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Interview launching Tuesday, 10/29/2022

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