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Swingers Halloween Adventure 2021

Updated 2/26/2022

Such an amazing weekend hosting Boo 4 in Rhode Island. Are you ready for a Mindbender Adventure?

As always, waiting at the ferry dock because one has to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time when bringing vehicles onboard. Sometimes we capture the funniest things that need to be edited out. Watch out… I'm recording everything!

Of course, the one travel I choose to wear platform boots on... why? I have no idea.

And, yes, the waters were extremely rough on the way out. After a few minutes, you adjust a bit, so it wasn’t too bad, but man oh man the initial walk up the stairs was tough. Like a ping pong ball hitting every wall, laughing my ass off the entire time. Although, we made the best of it, I rather not experience it again.

DJ Greg .. so serious! I wonder if he captured anything in the GoPro … I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Meet & Greet at Bo's Billiards

Mindbender Parties Swingers Party
Spencer and Mizzy

Our Friday night meet & greet at the billiards was a ton of fun! A lot of new humans joined which is a favorite of mine. Learning where they traveled from and a bit about who they are in an open setting that allows general conversation. Extra plus.. the French Fries and Cosmos are delicious!

Let the Swingers Event Set Up Begin

It really takes a team to make things happen and at this stage of the game, we are a well oiled machine. The very first thing that is set up is Mizzy’s Boutique tent. After that, everyone goes in their separate directions, tackling their jobs

I am a lucky duck and have this gal who helps tremendously and has a great eye for set up.

The boutique carries clothing, adult novelties, tumblers, and so much more. Many items that fall within the alternative lifestyle space.

This is the lovely Ms. Lady, owner of Ladies Wicked Playground. Her and team run our onsite dungeon for the evening. You are more than welcome to ask any questions on how to use any of the equipment and how to explore the possibilities with your partner.

The dungeon is set up in the back bar which also includes open and private play space. Be sure to check for products from our sponsors One Condoms and Spunk Lube.

At this point, the boutique is just about completely put together and most likely a tokey tokey break time. Lol

Truthfully, after the boutique is set up, I am able to dance around and have a good time, jumping in when necessary to help. But most likely, you'll find me on the floor stretching, or doing something ridiculous and completely irrelevant to what the task is at hand.

They do work really well together. Problem solving at its finest! Sometimes having to repurpose items or make them fit to a particular space is challenging, especially if you didn't foresee it being a challenge in the vision. But they always figure it out. Watching it happen is also warms my heart.

Let the Swingers In!

A quick look at what the set up looked like before we open the doors.

As you can see, we are all in costume, which is so helpful when trying to bring the ambiance of the night to life. I highly recommend when attending any theme event, you go for it and dress for the occasion. Its always a favorite of mine seeing how everyone interprets things. I feel it gives you insight to their personalities.

Swingers lifestyle upside down pineapple party
Mr. Mindbender and DJ Greg

A peak into the crowd

The best night ever Mr. DJ! Halloween 2021 was one for the books. His fancy sweatshirt can be found at Mizzy's Boutique

Sunday Funday

Even though we still have breakdown and have the travel home, its still such a fun day!

It wouldnt be a trip to Rhode Island if we didn’t visit The Cozy Grill. Who else to dine with, then these beautiful humans.

It’s time to head home ..

It wouldn’t be a trip if there wasn’t a photo of me napping…

This is a gorgeous photo! Compliments of Mr. Mindbender

Swingers lifestyle parties

Thank you to everyone who came near and far to attend Boo 4! We can not wait to see you next time.

Hoping you’ll stick around to follow The Adventures of Mizzy Bender…

Until next time, I’ll talk to you real soon



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