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I’m in love with a couple after matching with both separately on dating app

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By Ben Cost | March 1, 2022

A UK woman says she’s fallen head over heels in love with a couple after matching with the pair separately — and now the smitten trio have formed a throuple.

“We all date each other, and it’s all equal,” Lora Corser, 28, told Caters News Agency of their polyamorous relationship — which is defined by dating more than one person simultaneously.

The unique arrangement began after Charlotte Farmer, 27, began an open relationship with Jamie Dawes, 37, in 2019. Deciding they needed a plus-one, they matched with Corser on an undisclosed dating app the following year.

For the burgeoning throuple, it was love at first chat.

“Initially, I matched with Jamie and Charlotte separately,” Corser said of the instant chemistry among the three soulmates, who live together in Leicester, East Midlands. “We weren’t ever supposed to all be in a relationship but Charlotte and I instantly hit it off.”

She added, “We both love nostalgic chick flicks, TikTok and we both love animals.”

And while the lovestruck triumvirate initially intended to date separately, their relationship “grew naturally” to the point where the three are now inseparable.

The triad enjoy nights, take roads trips to the beach, and even take turns deciding on the day’s itinerary. Corser says they’ve even planned a throuple’s retreat to Crufts, an international dog show being held in Birmingham beginning March 13.

“This is definitely the most communicative and safe relationship that I think I’ve ever been in,” gushed Farmer of their romantic triple header.

While satisfied with their arrangement, the polyamorous paramours reportedly draw funny stares while out in public — although Dawes isn’t sure if it’s because of their living arrangement or due to their “unique look.”

“A lot of the time we aren’t sure why people are staring,” the bemused boyfriend said. “It could be the bright hair, or the moustache, or because we’re all holding hands.”

Dawes claimed that many gawkers even said they could never be in a throuple as they’d get “too jealous” — a feeling he empathizes with.

“Obviously jealousy is a normal, human feeling but we find checking in with each other and having open dialogue about our boundaries helps us cope with those feelings,” he said.

And while people often ask “intrusive questions,” Farmer says she’d rather “people asked them than assume anything.”

Fortunately, the throuple’s families have been more than accepting of their “alternative lifestyle.”

“I think there’s always a bit of tentative confusion from people, but generally everyone’s been really excited,” insisted Farmer. “They’re all really happy for us, which is quite cool.”

This isn’t the trifecta’s first rodeo when it comes to polyamorous relationships, but the three say it’s definitely the best one they’ve ever had.

“We’ve all experienced some form of polyamory before this, but never this successfully,” said Corser, who attributes their success to the fact that it was “open and honest from the start.”

Farmer seconded her sentiment, explaining: “This isn’t my first experience dating multiple people, but it is my first experience of loving more than one person.”

Dawes, for one, says their arrangement is a testament to the merits of polyamory.

“We feel non-monogamy is just as valid as monogamy and we feel very lucky to have found a dynamic which works for us and makes us happy,” he said. “We know it’s not for everyone.”

In a similar — albeit more salacious — story from July, a Connecticut throuple divulged the delicious details of their polyamorous lifestyle, which they claimed spawned “jealous” reactions from monogamous “haters.”


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Who doesn’t love to talk about sex and everything in between? Mizzy Bender is here to talk through all the down, dirty and not so fun moments that life has to offer. Mizzy is one female that isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of life from sexuality to success.

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