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What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want - Guest Spot

Mizzy Bender - It's Mizzy's World, We just live in it.

November 1, 2022

A Raw interview with Jon a/k/a HiThereCatsuit as he asks we questions never discussed before. This will be a memorable recording for me simply because it flowed so easy, we laughed, cried, motivated and so much more.

As always, learn about my journey through the swingers lifestyle and kink world by listening to my guest spot on What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want.

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Who doesn’t love to talk about sex and everything in between? Mizzy Bender is here to talk through all the down, dirty and not so fun moments that life has to offer. Mizzy is one female that isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of life from sexuality to success.

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