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How to be a Swinger Mini Series - Part 5 of 5

Mornings with Mizzy

Swingers / Alternative Lifestyle Influencer

How to be a Swinger Mini Series - Part 5 of 5

Todays Discussion Points: * Know the difference between the term “Swinger” vs “Lifestyle” * Guys, make sure your partner is comfortable by reading her body language & vise versa * Communicate and if part of your couple just isn’t getting it then maybe they aren’t the right person to be in the LS with * If your partner has to leave the room due to illness or anything else, you should most definitely check on them

* With all this being said…shit is gonna happen!

Someone is bound to F up! Sex, drugs, rock N roll, alcohol. These are all things that are a recipe for an argument or momentary lapse in judgment. That does not mean you or your partner should make a habit of it because if so then they or you truly just are selfish and are not with the right person or should not be in the lifestyle.

Be safe and have fun

**Original Source Unknown from Facebook

Previously Discussed

* Not everyone has the same

rules & it’s not your place to judge them or try to change them * Being a swinger or LS does not mean that yo

u or your partner or others are allowed to do whomever or whatever they want when they want, unless that is your decision as a couple * If someone in a partnership does something outside what they agreed to in this Lifestyle that IS cheating and is disrespectful

* Just because you are a “swinger” doesn’t mean you

want to swing with anyone interested * Just because you may have played once doesn’t mean you want to again * Just because you played once with all spouses present, doesn’t mean you can do it again without one or both other spouses being present

* YES! It is possible for a woman to NOT want to play with a Man (doesn’t mean she’s being controlled) * It IS ok to like playing with Single Males & if a couple only does that, doesn’t mean the husband is a “Pus*y or that there’s something wrong with him physically * Women do NOT touch other women sexually without permission they you do not know

* Husband’s can be just as “creepy” as a single

Male (sometimes worse) * Single Women can be just as “creepy” as a si

ngle Male (sometimes worse…) * Ladies we all get/have feminine issues from time to time, it’s completely normal, maybe someone isn’t aware. Don’t be an ass and kindly and discreetly let her know without telling everyone

* Just because you invite someone to your room for a “drink” or to “look at your room” doesn’t mean they’ve agreed or even know your intentions * NOT everyone are actually “Swingers”, a lot of people have different things that they like and are comfortable with


To hear discussions on specific topics, please feel free to email with thoughts. Hoping you’ll stick around to follow The Adventures of Mizzy Bender…

Until next time, I’ll talk to you real soon



mizzy bender swingers alternative lifestyle influencer

Who doesn’t love to talk about sex and everything in between? Mizzy Bender is here to talk through all the down, dirty and not so fun moments that life has to offer. Mizzy is one female that isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of life from sexuality to success.

Mizzy Bender is a 39 year old female entrepreneur and influencer leading the way within the Swingers / Alternative Lifestyle community. Mizzy’s journey started out with Mindbender Parties and still remains traveling the East Coast putting on full thematic swinger events with her partner in crime, Mr. Mindbender. Mizzy’s passion and drive is all about creating an environment that is all inclusive and judgment free, where we can be who we are without question. Where one can have a platform to talk about the things we are curious about without question, finding like minded humans to love and support one another.

Through this journey, Mizzy's Boutique was formed. An adult novelty shop starting out online and has since migrated into a traveling pop up boutique at swingers / alternative lifestyle events across the US.

Shortly there after, the podcast, The Mizzy Bender Show was created.

Follow the journey to see where this influencer goes next!

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Mindbender Parties starts with you and your choices of how you embrace the lifestyle. From mild to wild, your kinks are our pleasures. We put a great deal of time and effort into our events to do our best to meet your every desires. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by one of our event Security Staff who will introduce themselves and offer their service throughout the evening. Assuring your safety and comfort are our #1 priority. Once inside you'll have the opportunity to mix and mingle with a respectful and attractive crowd. From there, let your inhibitions guide you. Whether it is dancing the night away to our DJ, tempting and teasing the crowd on the pole, take a ride on the swing or letting it all hang out in the play area, we find that our crowd of real people come back again and again.

Our friends are yours and we hope your friends will become ours. ''Mindbender Parties: where life is anything but the ordinary!''


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Who doesn’t love to talk about sex and everything in between? Mizzy Bender is here to talk through all the down, dirty and not so fun moments that life has to offer. Mizzy is one female that isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of life from sexuality to success.

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