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Swingers Lifestyle Party * Mizzy's Camping Birthday Bash Weekend Takeover

The Adventures of Mizzy Bender

Swingers/Alternative Lifestyle

July 15-17, 2022

Swingers Lifestyle Party * Mizzy's Camping Birthday Bash Weekend Takeover

Welcome to our little oasis...

As you walk through the entrance, leading into the yard, you are taken away from your everyday lives into our mini resort style world. Are you ready for the adventure?

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Welcome to Mindbender Parties Private Oasis

For those that have been following along, the backyard project started around Memorial Day. Mr. Mindbender has been a mad man getting this all landscaped and build out. Although there were ups and downs getting to this point, I am so happy to have such a hard working man who provides me with such beauty, comfort and peace.

The Finest Swinging Campers You Ever Saw

How fun is this? When I saw the final camper set up, it made me smile. Its the small things that really make a memorable impact. This is one of those memories. Knowing how wonderful and special all those that were camping are, it certainly warmed my heart. We will forever have history attached to this event making each year more wonderful than the one before.

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Swingers Camp Here

Bestie Team Work

We really tried to prep as much as we could before hand, although I have to say, I saw major improvements for next year, which I am really excited to implement. It take a few times of running the event to understand the flow. And now, I got it! Too bad its a year away, I want to do it all again now! LOL

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The Swingers Party Begins

One thing I have learned is that clothing is certainly optional for this gal. Friday night I did manage to wear my dress the entire night, as my brother attended for a while, so no naked Mizzy at that time. LOL I do believe Friday night was an early night for me. I came inside to the couch at like 11:30pm and fell asleep. Party Pooper! Thank goodness Mr. Mindbender is the night owl and I'm the morning bird. It balances the days well when it comes to party needs. I'm a little disappointed I didn't get a photo with my best guy, but I did get one with the bestie!

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To Cherry Grove We Go - LGBTQ Community

Welcome to Saturday where we ventured to a private LGBTQ community located about 30 min away from us.

Did I mention it was a short ferry ride away? No cars allowed!

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Its such a cute town, full of color and personality. There's so much to look at, walk and enjoy. It really is a magical place.

My Loves ... Two humans that make me smile so very much. The bond we share is truly wonderful, easy and so free flowing. Just two ladies and a guy doing their thing!

We experience so many new moments together. I really value the first time moments with others, and with Ms. Lady, we have a lot. We've been able to share so many adventures with her, opening her world to so many places.

They Drove 9 Hours to Be With Us

These new comers into the group fit right in! This was her first swingers lifestyle party and the feedback was fantastic. As I collect the moments of the weekend, this is another highlight.... when our community comes together, creating bonds and connections that are true and real, they are to be treasured forever.

Let the Swinging Begin.... Or .... Wait...

You have officially made it to Saturday night, where things get a little wacky. I mean, if it didn't, what kind of party would this be?

I'll just leave this right here. You'll have to watch our Special Edition: Mornings with Mizzy: Click Here

I'm laughing as I type this, as this was the silliest night in a really long time. No regrets at all. Just really great memories.

Good Bye Fellow Swingers

Well my fellow Swingers, this is where this party ends. Sunday morning shooting the shit over coffee.

The Best Birthday a Girl Could Ask For!


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