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The Vibe of Fusion Parties - New Hampshire Swingers

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The Vibe of Fusion Parties - New Hampshire Swingers

Episode Sponsored by Mizzy's Boutique

As you may know, we collaborate a ton with Fusion Parties, New Hampshire. Either attending their events as party goers, vending the boutique or creating a dungeon space we truly value our relationship with them. Kris and Tasia are really fun humans who always keep us laughing. Although Tasia was under the weather for recording, you hear a few pop in thoughts from the side lines. On this episode Kris will tell us about their journey and how Fusion Parties began.

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  • Mindbender Parties, December 3rd * Rhode Island, Nuttin for XXXmas : RSVP Mizzy's Boutique will be vending our adult shop including swingers pineapple, erotic games, floggers and so much more.

  • H&H Social Club is partnering with Fusion Parties * December 16 & 17 * New Hampshire This will be a two day event featuring 5 DJ's, 2 Nights of club and hotel floor parties, a pool party, speed dating, and naughty yankee swap!! You don't want to miss this event!!! Giveaway And Vending by Mizzy’s Boutique RSVP:


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