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Adventures of Mizzy Bender : October 2023

Wow! It's been a great month full of fun, friends and sexy times! In this blog, we're going on an adventure through my thoughts while sharing photos and videos of it all. I wanted to create this blog before we travel this upcoming weekend to Rhode Island for Boo 6, A Mindbender Production. I'm going to create a fabulous recap solely on our Halloween travels upon our return.

The Background

Leading into October I was so tired, feeling physically exhausted on top of my hormones going completely bonkers! I feel like we were on rapid speed ever since the beginning of summer. We were going out every Wednesday night, traveled almost every weekend and on the weekends we didn't travel, we had house guests staying with us. Not to mention the family dinners, house cleaning, pilates, LIVE educational sessions, content creating, boutique orders and podcast recordings/editing all while working 9am-3pm. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, but I definitely needed to catch up on rest, especially because I knew October would be semi busy. So, I took the last two weeks of September and early October to sleep as much as I could! To be very truthful, in the past, I used to feel selfish for needing down time. If you've been following The Mizzy Bender Show, you'll hear me talk about my mental health and self reflection/growth moments alot. You see, Spencer and I are very different people. He's like the energizer bunny who can keep going and going, so he does become frustrated with me when I throw my hands up and protest another activity. This is when I fight even harder to not feel selfish, allowing myself the down time needed to rebalance. This is one thing I've learned to not compromise on and I feel really proud about that.

I always get a good chuckle seeing my sleeping self in a text message somewhere. I'm sure Spencer has a million of these photos. Lol Overll, he's so sweet to me. I snuggle my head right on his lap with my pup at my side, falling asleep almost instantly.

Mizzy bender adventures
True Love and Comfort

Where the Adventures Began

Mizzy bender swingers adventure
Mizzy & Mr. Mindbender : Ferry Ride Photo

On Sunday, October 1st, we were having a good ole time in New Hampshire, recovering from Fusion Parties Black & White event Saturday night. Even though it was a quick travel up Saturday morning, returning Sunday afternoon, it felt like we were away for days upon days.

I'm sure that has alot to do with all the incredible humans we were with. Always making the small moments into the most fun, like you will see in the below videos.

Before an event, there's always the chill down time. The calm before the storm, if you will.

We make the best of every minute, laughing a ton, making so many great memories. These simple moments add so much to the weekends, keeping us young at heart, and I absolutely love it.

And when you have the opportunity to snuggle with a sexy lady, you take it!

Our hotel room is usually the gathering spot. I kinda like it that way. I always know there will be some sort of hub bub going on, whether it's shots for the group, outfit swapping and changing, makeup creations, snacking or sleeping, I love every minute of it!

The Pickle Back Shot

Ugh ... have you ever had a pickle back shot? I've been promising my bestie Jim for weeks that I would try it. I chickened out every time. We all know I'm a Fireball kind of girl, but, lately I've really been focused on my belly inflammation and bloating, so this particular weekend, I decided to eat chocolate mushrooms instead of drinking (don't judge me ... they are all natural and so calming). So, when it was time for pickle backs, I needed to put on my big girl panties and drink it like a champ. The jury is still out on whether I like them or not. The good part is, I'm no longer affraid, so I'm sure I will end up drinking this again. What I do know, is that I've eliminated Fireball completely. Well see if I keep to it.

A Look into Fusion Parties

The outfit for the evening was this super comfortable one piece with accent zippers, white satin platform shows and my white hair. A good balance of black and white, perfect for the theme!

Here we gooooooo

Fusion Parties always hires the most amazing entertainers/dancers. It brings such a captivating feeling to the dance floor. I appreciate that element so much. It's very different than other lifestyle events I've been to over the years. Which is another thing I love about this lifestyle ... everyone does it different!

The Scene

We really have such a great time together. Dancing, laughing, goofing off... whatever. It's always a blast! Of course it's hard to video the actual events, so these videos is capturing some basic fun.

That's all Folks

A peaceful ferry ride home was the perfect way to end such an amazing trip. After all of our weekends, I look forward to the car and ferry ride so much. There's something so calm about it all. It's the perfect balance to end partying like rock stars. Especially when we're on the ferry eating our grilled cheeses with French fries! Yummmmm!!

Let's Get Educated

On Monday, October 2nd, I hosted a LIVE Facebook conversation on the rules we should all know if participating in the adult alternative lifestyle / swingers lifestyle. This conversation was built around community submitted thoughts, providing well rounded information from both a male & female perspective. I really do enjoy educating, sharing the ins and outs of living such a bold life. Sometimes it's scary and intimidating so the more knowledge we have, the better for everyone involved. I try and focus these conversations on questions submitted by community members. I like this method simply because if there's one community member asking, there's a million more out there who also need or want the same information. As they say ... there is never a stupid question! If there's a topic you wish to hear more about, email me at I'd be more than happy to work on a show for you!

The LIVE conversations are great because I get to interact with all of you! Having community engagement allows the conversation to flow much easier and in many different directions. All of which is lifestyle related and beneficial to all who listen.

Coming up next is my SDC LIVE show on Tuesday, October 24th at 430pm EST on approaching couples that may seem to be out of your league. This was a community submitted question with alot of thoughts behind it. If you are interested in joining the LIVE session, please sign up here.

Tuesday, November 4th, 4:30pm: How to introduce a new play partner into the Swingers Lifestyle

Tuesday, November 28th, 4:30pm: What are some ways to navigate jealousy & insecurities

Both are really great topics for newbies and veterans, as we are always evolving and growing as humans. The keys is transparency and honesty, but you'll have to tune in to hear all the thoughts!

Clubs, Haunted Happenings and Friends

Our weekends have been great. Even though we had guests the first two weekends of the month, I was able to keep a low profile and chill. I was still trying to balance myself as I mentioned above. The only saving grace forcing the downtime with our visitors was all the rain. So the days were spent inside watching movies, shooting the shit and napping. We got lucky with light rains for the night time haunted adventures.

LOL... I always laugh when watching all the videos I've recorded through the night. Such as this one.

It was really great having these two fantastic humans for the weekend. Another part of the lifestyle that I love so much is finding like minded humans who just naturally fit in your world. These two definitely flow so well. We really had the best time and I look forward to more memories to come.

That's a wrap

Unfortunately, we didn't snap any photos or videos the next weekend, but at that point, I think I needed a little content creation break, and that definitely happens at times.

I'm beyond pleased to say that this last weekend was just Spencer and I. We had the most remarkable weekend together. Dinners, shopping, napping and club adventures. It was the perfect balance of activity, but also so wonderful realigning with Spencer. We haven't had a weekend alone in ages, so to feel his comfort during the down time was the perfect way to make me feel completely regrouped, ready to rock Boo 6, A MindbenderProduction.


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