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Boo 6, A Mindbender Production - A Swingers Party Success

The Adventures of Mizzy Bender

October 2023

Boo 6, A Mindbender Production - A Swingers Party Success


It was another gorgeous October day with the sun shining, setting the tone for our travel adventure ahead and I absolutely couldn't wait! Boo 6, A Mindbender Production, a swingers lifestyle party, was a little more than 24 hours away and I was counting down the minutes for the weekend to begin. It was even more exciting knowing we were headed to a haunted walk through the woods later that night. We haven't had true plans on a Friday travel night in a long time. So overall, I was really looking forward to the entire weekend.

It started like all other Friday's, and that's me at a 6 AM Pilates class. It truly was phenomenal. Although its so early, I enjoy setting the tone for my day in such a powerful way. Friday's are usually my favorite mornings because I have so much time in between Pilates and work. I made sure to take advantage of that by dazzling my face bit with a hydration mask. I clearly didn't think too clearly when posting the photo on social media because I received a ton of funny comments around cum on my face. Oops! Welcome to my adult lifestyle. LOL.


It was time to get my bum out the door for work. I have to be there by 9am, so realistically, I need to be out of my house by 8:55am the latest. I'm such a lucky duck to have the schedule that I do. I am learning to appreciate it more and more as time goes on. It allows me to live my lifestyle to its fullest. The only down fall, and I am sure it's the same for you, is that there are days that really drag, especially if I am tired. I don't have a lot of self motivation to keep myself busy and focused. Most days consists of social media, planning, strategizing and reading, but not this particular Friday. I couldn't wait to get on the road. Especially because we were traveling with friends so I was all over the place. I get that kid in a candy shop feeling, thinking about all the ridiculous shenanigans that could potentially transpire through the weekend and it all makes me so happy.

Since Friday was so full of timelines, it was really important that I was packed and ready to go Thursday night. Our ferry departure was 5 PM so we needed to leave our house as soon as I arrived home. This really had me feeling the pressure! Especially because I needed to drop a package at the UPS store. It was a race to the finish line and my heart was pounding. Feeling the adrenaline and excitement building but also the anxiety of the 7 minutes I had in-between work and the UPS store to get home. If you miss the ferry by just one second, that's it, your on standby until there is space for you. Things get a lot more difficult when you have a 20ft trailer plus the truck. So the stress is real a times.

Thankfully I made it home in time to change, finish my makeup and took a shot for the road. I figured fuck it, why not? It's Friday and I'm ready to party LOL.

A lot of the times I would have my meals packed and my teas made for the weekend. But this time all bets were off. I didn't have any of that ready. Probably because I was in my PMS phase, not caring about being healthy. Which in the long run kind of screwed me. I should know by now to never divert from what I know works for my body. It never fails, I always fall off the wagon, having to step it up double time when we return home. It's an annoying process that I am really working on getting better at. I promised myself to stick to the plan for Nuttin for XXXmas, and I am totally determined to do so. I have my check lists ready, containers in order and my mindset strong! So anyways I am way off track here. Since we were traveling with friends that fireball shot felt like the right way to launch our trip. Unfortunately, that set the tone for the rest of the weekend too. I figured since I'm off the wagon, might as well go all in. I truthfully believe it was all because of my sassy attitude. Sometimes I'm just in that party mood. I'm sure you can relate.

To really emphasize how I was feeling, I had to accessorize with my hell bound hat and pink hair. I was feeling charged, ready to go. I was wearing a one piece fitted outfit that fits like a glove. I was so comfortable, but was feeling sexy as well. I had that sporty sexy vibe going, which is my favorite way to dress.

mindbender parties

I'll tell you what, going into one of our event weekends with that attitude is always helpful. It gets my head in the game for what we need to accomplish, which is a fierce, sexy environment for all of you.


We made it to the ferry with a ton of time to spare, which is unusual. So we just chilled and smoked until it was time to load the boat. We must have been having a grand old time on the ferry because I didn't get one photo. I did capture this beautiful video of the nighttime departure.


We eventually made it to the hotel a little after 7:30pm. We had some time to kill before we had to head out around 9:30pm to Feartown, the haunted walk. We were still waiting for everybody to arrive so that worked out rather well. I thought there was going to be so much time in between that I felt a little annoyed with the schedule. But, as always, Spencer knows what he's doing and I should never question it. One of the best parts of the night happened during this time ... Marriedwithbenefits317 stopped by to give Spencer the best gift in the world.

It's sort of a joke, but not really. He is always managing one of us gals and our silly messes or issues we're having. He always has a way of figuring it out. So this gift was super thoughtful but very funny.


Welcome to FearTown! It was an amazing night with 3 amazing paths to walk through. The scares and creativity were phenomenal. I haven't had that much fun going through a haunted adventure in a long time. Maybe because it was so far different than what we've experienced in New York, that it made me excited. Or maybe it was because it was outside in the woods on a really nice night. I don't know exactly, but it was really fantastic and I absolutely loved it. I want to thank Kuddles for being so awesome, sharing his passion with us. As well as really showing us how much fun a haunted night really can be. It will be one of my favorite memories with everyone for a long time coming.


After Fear Town we stopped by the club like we normally would on the Friday before the event. We like to check things out, mentally preparing for all the work we have ahead of us for set up. This particular time was pure chaos. When we arrived to the venue, the street and the club was mobbed by a million college kids. it was unbelievably packed. There was no getting into that club, so that was a bit stressful. At that moment, we felt like we were going into Saturday blind. Not being able to have a game plan really made things a bit tense. We anxiously waited for the morning...


Saturday morning was stressful. All we could do was wait for the phone call that we were allowed to set up. Normally we're at the club by 10:30 AM and need the full day to accomplish what we need to but because of the crazy event the night before, we weren't allowed to get started until about 12:30 PM. The club was a mess and they were in crazy clean up mode. Oh My Effing God! Halloween is our biggest event of the year. I think its every swingers big night out. We were definitely feeling the stress with the limited time presented to us. But that's what a team is for! We all did what we needed to to get the job done. I'm completely proud of all of us. Luckily we had a few more humans on the setup crew this time, so the timing ended up working out just fine. The club looked incredible. We pride ourselves on our setups and transformations and this event certainly proved that to be true. Through all the behind the scenes stress, it always works out the way that it should.

After setup was over, it was time to head back to the hotel to relax, getting our heads in the game for the night to come. It was just myself and our sweet unicorn because Mr. Mindbender stayed behind to put all the finishing touches on the space. He has a specific vision and only he knows what the end result looks like. I think he likes to have the personal unwind time too. It's part of his process. I respect it and do not question it any more.

Swingers Party

The night came and went with swinger couples funneling in and out all night long. The dance floor was packed, the costumes were incredible and the playrooms were out of control. Overall, I don't think we could have asked for anything more.

I have to also acknowledge the sponsors of our swingers playrooms: OneCondoms and Spunk Lube. You Will find samples of their products all through the venue.


The mayhem of break down was about to be sprung on us. Normally we have all day Sunday to break down to head out on a 3 PM ferry or maybe it's a 4 PM. I'm really not sure. But, either way, our Sunday was gonna be intense.

We learned about an hour into the event that there would be another party at 12 PM the next day. So we had to haul ass and get things broken down before then. That really stressed me out. To learn that in the middle of the event and then have to quickly game plan what the strategy will be to accomplish this task was ridiculous. But again, thanks to that team, we were able to make things happen. And so after we figured out the game plan we were able to get back to the party. Since it was Halloween, we had to award the costume contest winners, making the announcement before really getting to enjoy the party. It was a tough decision, but we awarded the most creative, best couple and sexiest giveaways from our sponsors:, OneCondoms, Naughty Indulgence, Spunk Lube and Mizzy's Boutique.


I love having Chris Addams Photography onsite talking all the sexy photos of the night. There are some of my favorite moments:


The following morning we all gathered at the club and accomplished break down. It wasn't too bad truthfully. Break down always goes faster than set up. We also had a head start because we ordered pizza to arrive at 1:50am but it didn't arrive until 2:30am, giving us a lot of time to gather the party stuff, break down the play rooms and pack up the dungeon. By the time we got to the club on Sunday, we were half way to the finish line. That made the 12pm timeline a lot more feasible and a lot less stressful. I think we finished with about 45 minutes to spare. It was sensational. The small down fall was that it started to rain a bit as we were loading the trailer. Not a ton, but enough to be cold. So finishing up so quickly was amazing! I was one step closer to my blanket and a nap.

I'm really thankful to everybody who came together to help us. It really is the best crew and I'm totally looking forward to December. The amount of laughs, smiles, stories and other shenanigans create memories for a lifetime. I am so grateful for each and every experience we have. Stack on the memories! We've got some living to do!

Well, that's it folks. We ended with the ferry ride home to be able to nap in our own bed and snuggle with our pups and call today.

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Until next time you guys I'll talk to you super soon.



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