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Swingers Adventure Mindbender Parties “Sprung”

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Updated February 27, 2022

WHAT A WEEKEND! We brought some amazing energy to Platforms Dance Club as we hosted our “Sprung” Swingers / Alternative Lifestyle event.

With complete chaos occurring Friday afternoon as we entered New London, learning our current swingers club had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we were able to execute the most phenomenal event to date.

When you are surrounded by amazing people, amazing things can happen, that proved to be true this weekend. We have the most incredible team, partnered with a beautiful club, things flow seamlessly. I am so proud for everyone that jumped in to make this event a success.

We are incredibly grateful to our community, for continuing to join us even though it was not what we originally set out to do. You truly made this event happen, and we are so overwhelmed by each and every one of you!

Mindbender Adventures Here We Come…

The travel to Rhode Island begins as we head to the ferry, which is approximately an hour away from home. When the weather is nice, it’s a beautiful ride through the heart of wine country Long Island. I can stare out the window looking at the same house and scenery time and time again without ever getting sick of it. I love the vibe of the old homes and farm land.

Mindbender parties swingers events

You know it .. it’s smoke break time.

Adventures of Mizzy Bender

When taking a vehicle to Connecticut on the ferry, you have to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time… and you must be on time! If you are a second late they send you to standby, which will not work pulling a 20ft trailer. So we get this lovely view for some time. If the weather is nice we’ll walk on the beach, hang for a bit outside. Also if we have our fur babies with us as well.

Adventures on Mizzy Bender

For some reason I felt the need to document wearing a mask on the ferry. Every moment counts, and this is certainly part of the journey. Besides, it was a great accessory to my outfit.

Bo’s Billiards - The Meet & Greet

Hotel pregaming before heading out

This is the first meet & greet we’ve held in Rhode Island and it was a huge success. The location itself is gigantic in my opinion. We were set up in the arcade area attached to a set of tables, making for the perfect set up. My oh my, what fun we had. Me and this sexy lady just can’t keep our hands off each other.

When they say ”girls will be girls” is this what they mean?

Mature swingers couples

Listen, you only live once, so you have to embrace every moment.

Swingers lifestyle upside down pineapple

This was definitely a night for the memory books. We laughed, danced, and just really enjoyed the night making memories together.

Swingers lifestyle pineapple party
Look at all those smiles

Ending the night, capturing these moments was the best. I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Time to Set up the Swingers Party …

Poly bisexual swingers couples
Because I love their beautiful faces

Oh goodness, now this was such a fun moment to document …

Upon arriving to the club, Spencer made the first moves inside to find the owner of the club. He quickly comes out and was like, bubz, come on… you have to see this. As I walk out the back door of the club, the female artist was like OMG .. I’m painting you on the wall right now. I look over to see this beautiful art work and was completely blown away!

Mizzy Bender alternative lifestyle

As you can see … We are twinning …

Alternative lifestyle Mizzy Bender

Now, I will say, this must have been a universal sign telling us that everything was going to be ok. If you remember, our venue canceled on just 24 hours prior, with this venue going above and beyond to make the night work for us.

Talk about an extremely stressful situation. This was our launch event back after a long hiatus because of COVID. We were extremely excited, but also nervous from a business standpoint. You wonder if staying dormant impacts your event results, and so we really were hoping for a successful night. We didn’t lock in a new venue until 5:30pm Friday night…. That’s like 28 hours before the event starts. We didn’t announce the shift until we were walking into the billiards at 7:30pm.

Having to manage this scenario with a political correct social media marketing program was a challenge. On top of which, putting on our game faces to host our very first meet & greet. What you really want to do is start yelling from the roof tops how fucked up all this is, but you just can’t. So, you take a breathe and try and figure it out.

When you have creative minds and a strong team behind you, we’ve proven to accomplish anything we put our focus on. This was no different. The swingers community is something I’ve never seen before. The outpouring love and support was incredible and beyond humbling.

So, keeping this into consideration, you’ll understand why this piece of art was such an impactful moment to the weekend. When we saw this, we all said … it’s going to

be ok.

Pineapple swingers upside down pineapple

And had to photo shoot the shit out of it!

Swingers couples poly bisexual

Female entrepreneur boss baba Mizzy Bender
I love quotes and so, I’m sharing it with you

Let the Swingers in! It’s time to party!

Check out Mizzy’s Boutique, the sexiest alternative lifestyle shop around!

Since we are limited on the photography within the event, be sure to stop by our photo setup. Feel free to take as many lewd photos as you’d like. They are free of charge to our community members, distributed privately by Mizzy and Spencer.

It’s Sunday and it’s time to go!

But first, we found this cute place, The Cozy Grill for breakfast. It was such a fantastic way to start the day.

Ferry Time

I really love this photo. It‘s taken at the docks on the CT side down in a little square. When the weather is nice, we’ll sit down there while waiting for the ferry. Usually smoking, taking photos. This photo seams so relaxing, which is so beautiful to see.

He always manages a photo of me napping ….

Simply stunning

Hoping you’ll stick around to follow The Adventures of Mizzy Bender…

Until next time, I’ll talk to you real soon


To listen to us chat through the weekend on The Mizzy Bender show, click here


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