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Mizzy's Swinging Birthday Recap with Mr. Mindbender

Mornings with Mizzy

Swingers / Alternative Lifestyle Influencer

Mizzy's Swinging Birthday Recap with Mr. Mindbender

Its been a couple days since I've hosted a #morningswithmizzy. It's been way too hectic with travel to The Paradise Club vending #mizzysboutique and continuous house guests for Mizzy's Birthday Camping Bash and The Hamptons White Party.

Mr. Mindbender and I share some of the journey with you in this special edition of Mornings with Mizzy, recorded Monday, July 25, 2022. I'll be posting my blog full of photos and videos soon, so be sure to check back! Until then, listen to the ridiculousness we bring the the table.


To hear discussions on specific topics, please feel free to email with thoughts. Hoping you’ll stick around to follow The Adventures of Mizzy Bender…

Until next time, I’ll talk to you real soon



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