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New Hampshire Adventures - Fusion Parties

The Adventures of Mizzy Bender

Swingers/Alternative Lifestyle

March 11-13, 2022

Days leading into the weekend, I knew we were going to have the most amazing time. This was going to be the first travel as a Guest Appearance without Mizzy's Boutique or running our own Mindbender Parties event. On top of the fact that it was in a brand new state never visited before. I was so ready for a vacation, and boy, we lived it up. So many memories we made. You ready to go on the adventure with me?


We had to leave the house by 9:30am Friday morning, as our ferry was departing at 11am. I thought that was a little daring knowing the time management issues that go on in the household. LOL. it turned out to be an amazing morning. Ms. Lady woke a little early so we can have our morning coffee and motivating morning spew, where we talk about everything and everything. Some of my most favorite therapeutic moments are these early morning chats.

The departure always looks a little something like this … The worst is when we arrive home and I think to myself … what in the world happened to this place. It never fails, it always looks like a bomb went off. I don’t understand what happens.

Spencer is usually running around collecting last minute items (mostly sneakers), Ms. Lady takes care of our smoking materials (yes, it is legal in New York) and thank goodness for that, because smoking keeps my sanity. Medical necessity, I’d say so. Then there’s me, recording silly videos and taking selfies preparing content for your pleasures.

I can not wait for the wineries to be in full bloom. Although Ive never been to one, driving through the east end is one of my favorite places to check out. No matter the season, it’s a gorgeous place. There’s so much old school personality that it becomes so captivating. Who has fresh fruits and veggies out for sale. The fascinating lawn décor, the compositions of the homes. Every bit of it.

Uh Oh ….. you're doing 75 in a 45 … Bad Boy! In fairness, it was a beautiful sunny day on a straight shoot road traveling with traffic. We just happen to have a giant eyesore of a truck! That guy followed us for a bit, finally pulling the trigger to put those lights on. Thankfully he let us go with no ticket and stern warning. Yes Sir!

I'm so happy this little hiccup did not make us late for the boat, we arrived just in time for the 15 min deadline. Never a dull moment but always a memory.

Can we talk about how beautiful the water looks? Water and I have a love hate relationship after Super Storm Sandy. Living on the Great South Bay having a bulkhead as your backyard didn’t prove to be a solid foundation for that storm. So when I see the waters so beautiful and calm like this, it brings peace to my soul. Its simply stunning.

This guy right here treats us so well on the ferry. We have him as our bartender a lot of the time so he‘s usually prepared for our shenanigans. I had to capture him making those famous Bloody Mary’s everyone speaks of. A beverage and some food always makes the ride a memorable one. I highly recommended everything on the menu. Maybe not the egg sandwiches, as they are a little pricy considering what I am used. Plus, there's nothing like a New York bagel.

We usually get to chit chatting with other humans around us, who are always so intrigued by our composition and what we do. A lot of minds are blown on that ferry. We always walk away with a good chuckle and this time was no different. There was a male trio traveling to the casinos who noticed us as soon as we arrived to the ferry station. When they were finally able to break the ice at the bar on the boat, the conversation and business cards flowed so naturally. They were openminded, they listened, they asked questions, it was the best. We absolutely love sharing with those who listen. Afterall, a passion point of ours is education not sex.


It's time to get this Friday night started. So many people have this wild imagination as to what actually transpires during these types of events. I thought showing the prep was a good way to open minds away from the constant sex parties. This is legit what we do before every event. We have music on. We are getting our outfits, hair and makeup in order. We have a few shots. We get our medicinal items in order. Maybe pack a snack just in case. I grab extra clothes and sneakers, as I usually change around midnight. Although this particular night, I stayed in my outfit the entire time. The boots I was wearing are my favorite and are so comfortable considering.

I posted this video on TikTok and was amazed at some of the negative comments that came from it. In the most pure setting, with everyone in their own corners, doing their own things, humans were still able to find negative things to say. I find it engaging and somewhat funny because negative promotion is still promotion. Thank you for helping my views and rating within the TikTok platform.

One of my most favorite parts of the night was in the hotel lobby around 8pm when all the Ubers starting arriving and all those dressed in white left the building. It was a swarm of humans in the best way.

I felt the need to document having to wear our masks in the car. COVID moments that I will always capture for the simple fact of documenting history.

We made it! The grand appearance. Fusion Parties White Event, New Hampshire. The location was fabulous. Lounge like but club feel. The music was off the chain. Kris and Tasia did a really great job with having the night come to life. We are really looking forward the next venture together. So stay tuned.

This was the first night in a long time I was able to let loose, dance, chat, have fun with no overhanging responsibilities. It was so lovely to talk to so many humans whom we've seen in the past, never

having the opportunity to really get to know one another or have more conversation than just a hello. For that reason alone, I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend their event.

We didn't snap many photos and the ones we did are a little dark. So if you want to see the insides of the events, you'll have to follow along and attend.

We ended up leaving around 2ish or something like that with food on our minds. However, as you learned most places close at 1am and the diner was not an options. So cheese and crackers from the gas station it was. They were the tasty Balance snacks with crackers and cheese. Although it wasn't pizza, it still did the job,

The hotel was perfectly positioned next to the gas station. So we had our Uber drop us at the gas station, walking back to the hotel taking a total of minutes. It was super convenient in the morning for the coffee cravings.

Listen, not every photo and video is beautiful and amazing. Sometimes its super late and hot mess hour. This is hot mess hour. At this time, it’s close to 2:45am. We are just getting back to the room to freshen up, just chill and whatever. In full transparency, we stayed in our room after the event, never checking out the two party floors. We had plenty of humans coming in and out of our place to hang and chat. For me, when in a new environment, not really knowing my surroundings, I'm more than likely not joining the masses. I don't want to be put in a vicarious situation, so I eliminate the possibility all together.

I mean, because at 4am the most normal thing for one to think about is creating promotional content for Candy Land, Rhode Island, April 2nd.

Sorry, don’t mind me .. eat your snacks (which we always have Smartfood Popcorn) and smile. lol

When 5am came around, we kicked everyone out, and finally went to sleep.


At 1:45pm Saturday "morning" we finally made it to breakfast. We tried hitting this 24 hour diner, Friday night, but the line was around the corner, so we jumped ship. Which is how we ended up at that gas station eating cheese and crackers. LOL

Since we weren't familiar with the area, we came back for breakfast, and we are so happy we did.

Turns out this is world famous Red Arrow Diner, a frequent visit of Adam Sandler and so many more celebrities and Politian's. I tried touring the wall a bit for you so you can see all of the historical moments. It was the most amazing experience that left us all so overjoyed.

It's a small place with a bar counter and 5 booths. Be sure to think through timing, but definitely make it a mandatory stop. You will not be disappointed. Every staff member was warm, welcoming and loved to share the history of the place.

If you are a new customer of theirs, you must tell them. They ring you in like a super star.

And this booth right here.. the seat Spencer is sitting in, is labeled "Donald Trump"

Now, I am not political at all, and truly have no desire to debate Donald at all, but the simple fact that one can say, I say in this seat is a super cool thing.

Most memorable dining experience thus far in our entire travel my opinion any ways.


It wouldn't be an out of town visit if we didn’t hit the mall. I always agree and then remember how much I hate it. Although this time, we were on a mission to find outfits for a night out. We only packed casual clothing for some reason. The impossible task ended up working out ok.

I do have to say, it was great to see so many humans. It was the first time I’ve seen a crowded mall in a really long time.

Photo Op! When you see a butterfly on the wall, you Spread those wings and Fly!


Let the Saturday night chaos begin! First stop, The Goat. A great atmosphere with delicious drinks. We arrived a bit earlier, around 8pm so they were only beginning to transition the place over to the night crowd. Unfortunately, we were some pretty hungry humans, so we moved on to another location.

Live Free or Die … pretty aggressive but on point!

Omgosh, we met a group of humans who were unable to comprehend anything we were explaining. I forget how challenging it can be for others to understand our lifestyle but they were whole heartedly interested trying to wrap their brains around it. This photo is the outcome … show those nippies baby! lol.

On to location number two. What a fascinating adventure this was. Bar downstairs, adult shop and piercing studio upstairs. We received the behind the scenes tour, making it a wild and memorable night. The owner was simply amazing. So willing to share his journey, showing us his most proud accomplishments and future directions. These are moments that motivate me and encourage me to keep on going. Seeing different business minds at work, always provides a different perspective allowing me to expand my mindset so much more. Its the best education one can receive. Knowledge is power and I want to absorb it all.

Great atmosphere beverages and food! I ordered the chicken tenders, saving them for a snack back at the hotel room. As we learned, most of New Hampshire closes at 1am, something we are not used to. You certainly do not want the hungry Mizzy Monster to come out, so be prepared is the best option. I am so thankful for those tenders, as your girl probably had one too many cosmos.

What a lucky guy! Photographed above is Spencer, Ms. Lady, Me.. Mizzy Bender, and Tasia the beauty of Fusion Parties.

On to location number three, where we ended the night. Amazing vibes, fantastic music and high energy. We danced and danced and danced. It was absolutely perfect.

Ms. Lady teaching me how to do some sort of dance, that I can not remember the name of. Whoops! Spencer always captures such beautiful moments between her and I.

Looking back on the photos becomes my favorite part of Sunday travel. Smiles from ear to ear.


Well you sexy humans, this is where the story ends. After a weekend full of laughter, friendship and memories it was time to call it in. Sunday morning we said our goodbyes until we see each other again at Candy Land.


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Who doesn’t love to talk about sex and everything in between? Mizzy Bender is here to talk through all the down, dirty and not so fun moments that life has to offer. Mizzy is one female that isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of life from sexuality to success.

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