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Mizzy’s Boutique Vends at The Paradise Club, PA

The Adventures of Mizzy Bender

Swingers/Alternative Lifestyle

March 26, 2022

The Paradise Club is an incredible location located in Pennsylvania, just a few hours away from home. This private club is open to couples and single ladies after going through the proper registration via their website. The Paradise community is definitely one of my favorite clubs to visit simply because “The Nuts” (the humans who run The Paradise Club) are amazing in every way. Each one of them brings a warm presence to the events, making them so enjoyable and comfortable. The community members who attend are so welcoming and engaging as well. We spend hours chatting with so many humans who share so much of their journeys and thoughts with us. It is always a wonderful and memorable experience. I am honored that Mizzy’s Boutique sponsors this location.

Traveling to the Swingers Party

Sometimes the travel is a bit nutty when it comes to the weather. This particular drive we were right on the outskirts of this crazy rain storm. Thankfully we really didn’t get jammed up In traffic…the biggest fear while driving anywhere in New York. We also get to drive in the HOV lane due to having a Prius, the best travel car we own!

To document the trip properly, I had to capture the sky at this very moment. It was sort of surreal on how the clouds were funneled all around us, leaving the center clear as day. Mother Nature is so interesting, I’ll say that!

It wouldn’t be a trip without a video of the bridge, one of my favorite images while traveling. It’s actually kind of funny because I don’t actually like driving on the bridge itself but it’s still a stunning structure.

Capturing the scenery as we cross over. I love how there’s so many beautiful locations to check out. Im always watching out the window observing, taking in the surroundings. I see something new or different every trip. It’s a wonderful thing.

Another favorite view of mine is when we hit the end of the bridge where to get to see the New York City sky line. It captures me every single time. Maybe because it’s such a special place or simply because it’s my home state and I’m proud. Who knows! All I know is that this is one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Setting up Mizzy’s Boutique at the Swingers Club

Our set up this time was downstairs in the pool table room, as this was the first time vending indoors at The Paradise Club. Prior to arriving we really didn’t have a great game plan set for set up being a little unfamiliar with the space. Sometimes its great to branch out, navigating blindly. I feel it allows us to bring a different set up, changing things up allowing a new shop every time.

The flow was amazing! Strategically placed by the new members work shop and education class, we had humans shopping all night long. We also had the opportunity to hang with so many due to the location. It was the perfect open space for a super successful evening.

Mizzy’s Boutique has a wide variety of merchandise for your swingers / alternative lifestyle needs. We have clothing and hot/cold tumblers (stock or customizable) for all times of day… Naughty or not. As you watch the video you’ll see a great selection of adult novelties including glass toys, adult date night date games for couples or groups, floggers, paddles and so much more. Embrace your imperfections when shopping with us.

Mizzy’s Boutique is the only retailer in the United States to carry The Champagne Room’s #zerofucksgiven clothing line. It’s definitely a fan favorite so don’t wait too long to get your purchase in.

The Swingers Night Begins

It‘s time to shake the booty! my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard …

That’s it for this gal! You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I capture on the next trip! Hoping you’ll stick around to follow The Adventures of Mizzy Bender…

Until next time, I’ll talk to you real soon



About Mizzy Bender

Who doesn’t love to talk about sex and everything in between? Mizzy Bender is here to talk through all the down, dirty and not so fun moments that life has to offer. Mizzy is one female that isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of life from sexuality to success.

Mizzy Bender is a 38 year old female entrepreneur leading the way within the Lifestyle community. Mizzy’s journey started out with Mindbender Parties and still remains traveling East Coast putting on full thematic lifestyle events with her partner in crime, Spencer. Mizzy’s passion and drive is all about creating an environment that is all inclusive and judgment free, where we can be who we are without question. Where we can have a platform to talk about the things we are curious about without judgments, finding like minded humans to love and support one another.

Through this journey, Mizzy's Boutique was formed, starting as an online shop that has migrated into a traveling pop up boutique at alternative lifestyle events across the US.

Shortly there after, the podcast, The Mizzy Bender Show was created.

Follow the journey to see where this influencer goes next!


About Mizzy’s Boutique Mizzy’s Boutique is an Alternative Lifestyle Gift Shop, making it easy for you to ship our products directly to your loved one. We’d be happy to include a complementary personalized note. Please send us the text you’d like us to use in the notes in the seller field.

Mizzy’s Boutique is available for custom orders, feel free to contact us for additional information. Responds in less then 24 hours.

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About Mindbender Parties

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Our friends are yours and we hope your friends will become ours. ''Mindbender Parties: where life is anything but the ordinary!''


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Who doesn’t love to talk about sex and everything in between? Mizzy Bender is here to talk through all the down, dirty and not so fun moments that life has to offer. Mizzy is one female that isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of life from sexuality to success.

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