Who is Mizzy Bender?

Have you ever wondered who you are? What are all the things that transpired in life to make us who we are? I can tell you, after 37 years, I’m finally learning. But goodness, that took a lot of crazy times, emotional journeys and tons of uneasy feelings.

I’m really proud to say, over the last three years, I‘ve really dug deep inside to pull all that nastiness out. To find the pure light hearted person I was meant to be. Not this person that was holding so much inside, because there really weren’t any words one could speak to express true life. In order to do this, I had to really acknowledge the things that hurt me. I mean, really acknowledge them. Over time, I learned how to really push things deep. It didn’t matter how severe it was, I was able to just swallow it, pick up the pieces and move forward as if nothing transpired. I’m pretty sure that’s classified as conditioning on some sort of level and extremely unhealthy. Because of this thought process, it made me realize I needed to dig all that icky stuff up so I can really become whole again.

Of course this wasn’t something I realized over night. It’s been a journey over the last few years, and one I continue to navigate. Many of those in our community have watched the journey and have been part of it. I can positively say, I never in a million years thought I’d be living the life I am living. The most free, empowering, energizing, exciting ... too many adjectives to describe. I can also say, life before this was very different.

If you are curious on the journey, stay tuned, because we are going wayyyyyyy back in time, mapping it all out.

In the end, you will know exactly who Mizzy Bender is.

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